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Moonspun (Unbidden Magic #3)


Moon Spun (Unbidden Magic #3)Moon Spun by Marilee Brothers

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In this third book, we follow Allie back to her trailer, where she again discovers all sort of new things about herself, her life and her abilitiees with and without the moonstone.

She meets Ryker, a sometimes Hawk, sometimes hunk…and very fairy… and is -as she discovers that she has fae blood herself, through her grandmother- presumed his mate! Ryker has come to take her to fairyland, Boundless, to save her ailing grandmother and assume her rightful place by his side…

Yes you got it, and I warned: There is a lot about Allie to be discovered… and it’s all good!

With her two previous boyfriends out of town and living their own lifes Allie is left to spend time with Ryker, also ends up babysitting her school principal’s child (adopted) and finds out that not only she is fairy. So what better time than now to go with Ryker to Boundless…

This is the part where the book gets a bit different and I’m not sure I like it. The whole section in Boundless is part Narnia part Alice in Wonderland and although it plays in fairyland is a little too fairytale for me in a young adult novel. In a way though the author has done a great job making that world so different from the “real” one.
We enter a world of all sorts of fairies and then some, meet wererats and changelings and are drawn into whirlwind of action once more.

At the end this is the first book of the series that gives you a bit of time for a breather before starting on the next installment, but as we still need to know about the full extend of Allie’s abilities which she will definitely have to master if she is going to save the world (as that is her destiny), it is recommended to once again have the next book nearby.


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