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Kendra Leigh Castle, Shadow Rising (Dark Dynasties #3)


Shadow Rising (Dark Dynasties, #3)Shadow Rising by Kendra Leigh Castle

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In Shadow Rising Ariane, a Grigori vampire, leaves her clan’s settlement in the middle of the desert, when her one and only friend in this group of “watchers”, feelingless vamps disappears and she is not picked to go into the world to look for him. She has been trained for centuries and Sam was the only one displaying a semblance of affection in her longtime home that felt more like a prison to her.

She finds herself enjoying the real world, but cannot seem to find traces of Sam. When she is going to meet a possible lead she meets Damien, a vampire and Shade from the House of Night. Immidiately it is clear that there is a chemistry between the two of them that is palpable… and this is the most interesting part of the book. The tension and their attraction to each other is described really well and keeps you gnawing your nails. On occasion the action scenes are fun to read too, but they are mostly too rushed; and where the words for the sparks between Damien and Ariane are chosen to perfection are lacking some depth when fights occure.

So I enjoyed the new (to me) world of vampires Castle developed (although a lot of the terms she used ring memories of books and series written before (such as Hause of Night, Shade etc.)but found myself sometimes longing just for that little bit more.

Still I give it three and a half stars and would pick the next book in the series up as well to see what happens next. And what more do you want?

Thanks to Grand Cantral Publishing and NetGalley for this preview.

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