Fred A. Strutman, The Case of the Unwanted Pounds


The Case of the Unwanted Pounds: A Weight-Loss & Fitness MysteryThe Case of the Unwanted Pounds: A Weight-Loss & Fitness Mystery by Fred A. Stutman

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Ok, so this book is very repetitive. It repeats the facts about five times or more, I didn’t count. It was repeating everything about five times… yes, just in the same fashion as I have done just here. A fact is picked and then presented over and over again. And then for good measure in a later chapter again and again.

It’s clear very fast, that the author want the attempting dieter to eat 35 grams minimum fibre per day, eat 35 grams of fat maximum per day and exercise 35 minutes a day plus a strength training twice a week during the walk. You got that 35 and 35 and 35. As if these numbers themselves aren’t memorable enough we have to endure reading them over and over again. Almost as a byline the counting and relevance of calories is mentioned, convoluted amongst information about nutrients, dietary benefits of certain foods and shortcoming of others, all the while failing to make this “case of the unwanted pounds” any clearer or even solving it.

I am sad to say, that after reading the 35/35/35 formula yet again, I had to put the book aside as I believe if this book was better organized and less repetitive it could be half the length it is and much easier to receive.

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