Halflings (Halfling #1) Heather Burch


Halflings (Halflings, #1)Halflings by Heather Burch

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This first book in Heather Burch’s Halflings series is a great intro into the world of half angels.

This book has action, friendship, love, spiritualism, and much more to offer.
Nikki, a 16 year old finds herself attacked by hell hounds then saved by what she quickly figures to be her guardian angels. Not quite right, but essentially their job. They are gorgeous young men and her heart and gut have many battles to fight. And that is where this book is very intelligent. The emotional reasoning behind much of the actions and the inner turmoil those actions cause are eloquently explained, which however in no way makes them less heartwrenching.

Nikki has some special abilities herself, only a small part of which are uncovered in this book and keep you hoping for more revelations in the next part.

I cannot wait for the second part “Guardians” to be published!


Thank you to netGalley and Zondervan for the preview.



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