Shadow Moon (Unbidden Magic #4)


Shadow MoonShadow Moon by Marilee Brothers

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book four of the Unbidden magic series finds the reader back with Allie, hoping to have some rest.

But once again she is overwhelmed with new information and tasks to be done: She discovers she has a twin, has to find the girl to make her half whole to save the world from dark fae and all this in only a few month…

Junior is back in town and faithful as ever, helping her find her twin and accompanying her on her quests.

Across the state they are once again encountering menacing Trimarks, who they later discover have burrowed deep into friendly territory. Allie’s sister is more than reluctant to help them and when Allie gets kidnapped by two people she knows want to exploit her abilities the nailbiting hits its peak!

Introducing a kind of protective fairy to replace her ditsy guardian angel of sorts, a new adversary in form of a dark fairy disguised as a preacher that is dating Kizzy’s reformed daughter and a cute homeless girl that follows them around, we not only get a whole new cast of loveable and hateable characters, but are as ever left with the questions of who they are and what role they will play in the story…

It is amazing how intricate and wide spun this tale leaves you feeling close to the characters and the action at all times. Brothers has done a fine job of spinning a tale that has you twisting and turning with the action and wanting more, always wanting more!!!

Cannot wait for the next book to find out what we (!) are up against next.

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