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Deception (Haunting Emma #1), Lee Nichols

Deception (Haunting Emma, #1)Deception by Lee Nichols

My rating: 4 of 5 starsFirst of all this series should be called ghostkeeper series, because Haunting Emma is just too mundane…

This book is about Emma, a 17 year old who has a hard time fitting in at school and after her life keeps taking turns for the worse (her brothers and her parents disappear without her being able to reach them, she gets whisked away and starts seeing things) to the point where she thinks she is going crazy.

Fortunately help arrives in form of Bennett, her so called guardian, whom she has only briefly met once before in her life, but who seems to be the only hope she has…

Leaving her home town to go to Echo Point with him seems at first glance like the perfect chance for Emma to start over. But not only can she not forget about her families disappearance and keeps wondering what happened to them, she is also torn between two guys, has an interesting time with making friends and as things get weirder instead of more sane we are in for a roller coaster ride of action, emotions and,yes, deception…

Fasten your seat belts and do not stick any appendages out of the cart, chew your nails instead…and be prepared for the cliffhanger ending that makes you have to have part two of this series close by so you are not stranded in mid air…

I am off now…whooosh!!!

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Raised By Wolves, Jennifer Lynn Barnes

4 of 5 stars
Read in January, 2012

Bryn has been raised by werewolves from her fourth year on, when a pack saved her from a Rabid lone wolf that killed her parents. She is special and doesn’t know how, until another outsider is brought into the pack, Chase, who has been bit and is turning into a were himself. This is thought to be a 1 in 150 years occurance; but everything Bryn knew to be true about the pack she has been Marked into falls apart as she recognizes her similarity to Chase and finds out things from her past that break her bond to the pack and lead her onto a path of her own…

A different kind of Werewolf story in which being human is treasured more than being were. And with a heroine that throughout never looses herself, is strong and true and loyal. I really like this book, not only for its original story line, but also for the messages it is sending: This one does not want you to run out and get bit…refreshingly and reassuringly human. Highly recommended!

Trial By Fire (Raised By Wolves #2) J. L. Barnes


Trial by Fire (Raised by Wolves, #2) , Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Trial by fire is the second book in Barnes’ Raised by Wolves series. <br/>In it our Alpha human to a young wolf pack has to face a multi layered plot to undo her status as the only human Alpha to ever exist. Challenging Alphas of other packs, a whole werewolf Senate and a coven of psychics with diferent abilities are just the beginning as we will learn. <br/>Her biggest struggle is coming down to being human and it still controlling much of ther decision making and the way it sets her apart from other Alphas…

I did not enjoy this book as much as the first time, although it is a page turner. Maybe it is the ending and things it foreshadows… I believe I wrote in my review about the first book in the series, that this could easily have been a stand alone book and almost wish it was.

All in all though I’d probably recommend it even if I am not sure if I am going to read the third part for fear it will negate anything good I have found in the first book…we’ll see.

EREBOS Ursula Poznanski

4 of 5 stars
Read in February, 2012
Erebos by Ursula Poznanski is an almost epic tale. Set in modern day London we follow the main character, Nick, as he first watches from the outside, how people receive a mysterious package and how they change over the next few days, to where he himself gets one of the secret packages and experiences first hand what the suspense is about. He gets immersed into a fantastic world, where one has to fulfill tasks to advance and stay on top…as it turns out sometimes these tasks are putting ones morality to the test and it just remains to be seen how far one will go…
The symbolism in this part of the story can be projected onto many real life hystorical events and the “moral o the story” sends a good message to teenagers.
This book was written exactly to a YA perspective and is so gripping, that it is very likely to be a bestseller soon. The content is geared towards today YA boys and will get their attention in no time. Glad to see another book on the market that boys will enjoy, as there is much more for girls out there than for boys.
This one gets two thumbs way up.

Call of the Highland Moon, Cassandra Leigh Castle

Daniela‘s review

Sep 17, 11 · edit
4 of 5 stars
Read in September, 2011
This first installment of the MacInnes werewolves finds us first in a small town in North America were our two main characters meet. She’s a romance book store owner (love the name of the bookstore!), he’s a werewolf trying to hide from his destiny. Bad catches up with him, she gets tagged accidentally and they end up in Scotland where he’s from… In this book there are bad werewolf-creating creatures that are called Drakkyn which give this a little new spin on an old tale and add to the suspense and tenseness in the book. Romance and the story itself develop fast and one does feel immidiately immerged in it. The characters are believable…and it would probably sound a little silly to say about a supernatural book that some of the actions and reactions seem a little fast and far fetched… isn’t the whole idea?!? All in all a good read.

The Blood Sugar Solution, Hyman Dr.

Daniela‘s review

Feb 01, 12 · edit
3 of 5 stars
Read in February, 2012
The Blood Sugar Solution is a very complex book about the effects of food, especially carbohydrates, on the blood sugar/insulin levels and in turn their effect on the health. It is full of information about different deseases that are caused by insulin imbalance and insuline resistance. However it is much more than a book for diabetics or those who are trying to avoid becoming diabetic, as it states a few cases in which everything from skin conditions, to depression and yeast infections can be cured without further medication if one follows the blood sugar solution program. Most of the ideas in the book have been published before such as looking at the glycemic index of foods by following a green light, yellow light, red light system (“The GI diet”, Rick Gallop amongst others); gluten as the “bad guy” as described in “The Wheat Belly”, William Davis -which I was fortunate enough to review for Netgalley… ; the set up of your plate into three sections of 50% greens, 25% meat & 25% starch as well) amongst many others and when one looks at the glossary of books and articles used at the end it becomes apparent, that the author of The Blood Sugar Solution has with his book established a compilation of many previously published theories on how diet affects our health. So regarding the information concerning knowledge about foods and nutrients and their influence on the human body, there isn’t any ground breaking news to be found here. It is however -because of the load of facts and data- a very informative, if sometimes long winded and repetitive book. The one thing that makes this book stand out is that it not only incorporates the usual diet plus exercise, but really emphasizes a conscious change in ones relationship to food, others and oneself and the avoidance of toxins in our environment and food. It is a very holistic approach to better health through an old idea of completely cutting out starches and gluten as well as dairy out of ones diet. What’s great is though, is that it is a six week program. This is an attainable amount of time to be spend on getting better. And it doesn’t end there. The author explains how after this period some starches, gluten and dairy can be reintroduced and tested as to their affect on ones well being. So the diet doesn’t stay exclusive. The reintroduction is not a new idea, but the way on how to monitor the influence of the individual food substances is significant. It is helpful is that the author has included many lists and questionairs that can be easily done by anyone. And a complete breakdown of what is done each of the six weeks of the program is also quite comprehensive. The program is radical! But his approach of Functional Medicine, with the idea of healing the body from within by feeding it the right things, instead of covering up underlying causes of illnesses by just treating the symptoms make the authors ideas very compelling especially should one score high in one of the quizzes, which indicates that one is on the way to being diabetic or already there. So in essence it boils down to the following: Medicating oneself possibly for the rest of ones life with immens side effects and the danger of having the underlying cause of diabetis escalate – as blood sugar lowering medications do just that, yet do not address the issue of the actual insuline resistance of the individual and make matters worse as the insuline keeps offsetting sensitive balances in the body- or following Dr. Hymans Blood Sugar Solution program for six weeks? If I had scored high in any of the quizzes I would try this in a heart beat. As it is I would recommend this book and its program to anyone who thinks that they even remotely fall into the catagory of diabetes or prediabetes and the many symptoms that come with it. Amongst the illnesses he claims can be cured are many that one wouldn’t think of when hearing diabetis (in fact he calls it diabesity) such as depression, ADHD, allergies autoimmune deaseases such as MS, cancer, demantia and many more. A six week trial to see if things get better through following this program sounds very reasonable and can be easily followed as there is a quizz for that as well, progress from before to after will be monitored and gives one a picture of the results. Another very important factor is that for extra support a lot of information, including the quizzes, some recipies etc. are available on Dr. Hyman’s website. It’s mentioned about a hundred times in the book so you can’t miss it!

The Wheat Belly, Davis, William MD.


The Wheat Belly, William David MD.

Daniela‘s review

Jul 03, 11 · edit
4 of 5 stars
Read from June 30 to July 04, 2011


Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to HealthWheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health by William Davis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The book The Wheat Belly by William Davis, M.D. should be required reading for everyone in the world.

We’ve all heard about the No Carbs approach in diets like Atkins, South Beach etc. Efforts have been made to explain and counter arguments about toxidity etc. were made to discredit all of those diets as they were too restricting. So the word of warning right off: Davis agrees with the low carbs recommendation to the extreme. He calls his book The Wheat Belly, as wheat is the widest used and most readily available grain (product) in the world. He does refer to all gluten containing, genetically altered grains by this one term: Wheat! Through crossbreading it has been turned into a high yield, low growing plant to produce as much grain with as little loss as possible. Through modern food science it has become possible to alter it to growing specifications that are the most satisfying for the producer. At the same time people were advised to eat as much whole grain product as possible as it was advertised as healthy. Unfortunately this development occurred too fast for human digestion to keep up and was done without even checking how the cross breeding affected the consumer. Through the process wheat gained attributes that neither parent plant was known to have on humans. Chemical processes in the body that affect not only digestion, weight gain and intestinal problems (like celiac desease) but shockingly were responsible for all sorts of health problems from heart desease brought on by weight gain, to high blood glucose levels and resulting diabetes and effects on the brain that suggest an addiction and contribute to problems like ADHD, dimentia and other brain related health problems.

One of the most convincing points is that despite the fact that people were advised to eat low fat high fiber diets the population has grown more and more overweight and obese.

Davis compares our diets nowadays to that of our ancestors, where the ones of about two generations away still got non genetically altered wheat and those from a few thousand years ago hardly ate grains at all. He argues that if we were to follow the hunter and gatherer diets of our forefathers we would be following what our bodies are still genetically programmed to digest: Meat and fats as well as vegetables and fruit, with very little grain. And if grain, then because of the adverse effects of gluten on digestion in many people, gluten free grains.

This is not a fad diet book, but a scientific text, that states many studies and examples about the facts Davis descibes. A deeper insight into the changes of human physiology over time to see if and how any progress towards better digestion of today’s “wheat diet” has been acquired would make this work complete.

Davis does include a small recipe section that is geared towards replacing wheat products in a satisfying way.

An eye opener and if even half the facts are true, one would hope that society could adopt eating habits more adapted to our bodies to produce a healthier population.

In Canada the food guide has already been changed away from the largest amount of calories having to come from grains, to the recommendation to eat mostly vegetables and fruit. If meat moved up on the scale and grains moved back into last place, it appears after reading this book, we would be receiving very good advise.

Absolutely recommended for those with celiac desease, weight problems and other thus unexplained health issues that are worth a gluten free/ wheat free trial. Parents of autistic children and children with ADHD might find this very interesting and helpful. Yet everyone could benefit from following this diet if what it claims is indeed true: Better all over health and a cure to many ailments.

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