White Witch, Trish Melburn (Coven #1)


White WitchWhite Witch by Trish Milburn

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

White Witch by Trish Melburn is a captivating story of a young witch, Jax, who has left her coven of black witches, that has a long time ago sworn revenge on the humans that burned them, to start a new life.

She comes to a small town, unawares that it’s a hotbed of paranormal activity due to a spring of witch force seeping… she only wants a normal life, finds her best friend, Tina; a love interest who maybe shouldn’t be (due to the fact that he’s hunting “her Kind”), Keller; and a nemesis (other than her controlling family that is bound to catch her back, as no one leaves the coven unpunished), Stacey; and is shortly joined by a fellow deserter witch, Egan.

Sounds very fast paced? It is indeed! Sometimes so much so, especially towards the end, as if the author couldn’t wait to finish the book asap. Maybe more needn’t be told, but the writing still seems in places rushed, almost incomplete…

The ending is unexpected; as a lot of YA stories deliver the anticipated Happy Ending this one delivers something else and despite or maybe because of the rush one is left hoping for a second part to the story. And isn’t that a good sign?!

I love the characters, the take on witches and the story line enough too recommend it. The language and the way it is so appropriate and up to date for YA’s makes it highly recommendable.

Thanks to NetGalley for a preview of this book, will be published March 2012.


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