Raised By Wolves, Jennifer Lynn Barnes

4 of 5 stars
Read in January, 2012

Bryn has been raised by werewolves from her fourth year on, when a pack saved her from a Rabid lone wolf that killed her parents. She is special and doesn’t know how, until another outsider is brought into the pack, Chase, who has been bit and is turning into a were himself. This is thought to be a 1 in 150 years occurance; but everything Bryn knew to be true about the pack she has been Marked into falls apart as she recognizes her similarity to Chase and finds out things from her past that break her bond to the pack and lead her onto a path of her own…

A different kind of Werewolf story in which being human is treasured more than being were. And with a heroine that throughout never looses herself, is strong and true and loyal. I really like this book, not only for its original story line, but also for the messages it is sending: This one does not want you to run out and get bit…refreshingly and reassuringly human. Highly recommended!

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