EREBOS Ursula Poznanski

4 of 5 stars
Read in February, 2012
Erebos by Ursula Poznanski is an almost epic tale. Set in modern day London we follow the main character, Nick, as he first watches from the outside, how people receive a mysterious package and how they change over the next few days, to where he himself gets one of the secret packages and experiences first hand what the suspense is about. He gets immersed into a fantastic world, where one has to fulfill tasks to advance and stay on top…as it turns out sometimes these tasks are putting ones morality to the test and it just remains to be seen how far one will go…
The symbolism in this part of the story can be projected onto many real life hystorical events and the “moral o the story” sends a good message to teenagers.
This book was written exactly to a YA perspective and is so gripping, that it is very likely to be a bestseller soon. The content is geared towards today YA boys and will get their attention in no time. Glad to see another book on the market that boys will enjoy, as there is much more for girls out there than for boys.
This one gets two thumbs way up.

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