Call of the Highland Moon, Cassandra Leigh Castle

Daniela‘s review

Sep 17, 11 · edit
4 of 5 stars
Read in September, 2011
This first installment of the MacInnes werewolves finds us first in a small town in North America were our two main characters meet. She’s a romance book store owner (love the name of the bookstore!), he’s a werewolf trying to hide from his destiny. Bad catches up with him, she gets tagged accidentally and they end up in Scotland where he’s from… In this book there are bad werewolf-creating creatures that are called Drakkyn which give this a little new spin on an old tale and add to the suspense and tenseness in the book. Romance and the story itself develop fast and one does feel immidiately immerged in it. The characters are believable…and it would probably sound a little silly to say about a supernatural book that some of the actions and reactions seem a little fast and far fetched… isn’t the whole idea?!? All in all a good read.

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